Surrey Junior Cup winners 04/05 - Match Report
Surrey Junior Cup winners 04/05 - Match Report


On Saturday 31st May 2008 a group of legendary former Westminster Casuals players will be reunited and pull on the club shirt one final time.

The Legends will join forces with members of the current Casuals team and take on a group of tourists from Bridgend as we celebrate the continued successes of our unique club and our 15 fantastic tours to Phil Malcolm's home town.

The Casuals have enjoyed incredible hospitality in a decade and a half of riotous Bridgend tours so we figured it was about time the Bridgenders made the return trip to London.
And what better opportunity to reunite some of the unique characters that have represented the Casuals with pride, passion and commitment over the last 18 years, most of whom have sampled the best (and worst!) of what has become South Wales' most newsworthy town.
Past and present Casuals will line up side by side to take on the Welsh tourists in the traditional Arabian Cup match which will kick off at 11.30am at Paddington Rec. Traditional post match revelry will take place in the Prince Arthur pub in Euston which we will use as our clubhouse for the afternoon and evening.
A post match meal will be served and after a few warm up pints and the trophy presentation the real fun and games will begin as the infamous tour drinking games kick off.
A new contest devised by current player manager Grant Payne - founder of previous classics such as Pub Golf, I'm a Casual Get Me Out of Here and the Mankini Dance Off -  promises to sort the men from the boys. We have sole use of the pub so anything goes!
It promises to be a memorable day and a great way to celebrate 18 years of our great club as well as meeting up with old friends and sharing a pint with new faces that have played a part in making the club what it is today.
Hard to believe that in 18 years WCFC has been transformed from a team of political activists hacking around on Regents Park to the well oiled machine that now finds itself just 11 promotions from the Barclays Premier League!
We look forward to seeing you there on a day not to be missed by anyone who has sung 'Casuali!' in celebration or laughed at Phil's (still) non-existent dress sense.
We are charging 25 a head to cover pitch hire, food, entertainment and any surplus cash will go behind the bar.
If you want to get involved please contact Michael Rootes at:
Westminster Casuals Reunited  v Bridgend - Saturday 31st May 2008
Kick Off: 11.30am at Paddington Rec
Pride, Passion and Commitment - Again!
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